Twinluxe Grooming and Skincare

Twinluxe Grooming Products Twinluxe Grooming and Skincare

Offering luxury shaving skincare products as well as handcrafted shaving tools and accessories, Twinluxe certainly has come out swinging in it’s attempt to carve out a spot in the high growth, high competition men’s market. The products, designed by Marek Djordjevic (the man behind the Rolls Royce Phantom), work to seamlessly combine modern features and materials with a balancing old-world aesthetic. Check them out here.

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 Twinluxe Grooming and Skincare

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 Twinluxe Grooming and Skincare
 Twinluxe Grooming and Skincare

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  1. That TwinLuxe razor and brush looks sleek and the packaging of the TwinLuxe shaving cream is nice too. Looks very elegant.

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