Tender ‘Pure Vetiver & Wood Oil Soap’

TenderCoVetiverSoap L1 Tender ‘Pure Vetiver & Wood Oil Soap’

We know, it’s easy to just pop by your local pharmacy and grab a bar of Irish Spring, but doing so would be an affront to the ridiculously high-quality work the people at Tender are doing. We didn’t know soap could get so refined, but this bar – handcrafted in Norfolk, England – seamlessly blends the kind of elements that put it head and tails above the rest.

The bar uses cold-pressed Wood oil to provide unmatched moisturizing capabilities for your skin, combined with Vetiver from Indonesian grass roots – providing a subtle, yet undeniably masculine scent likened to Islay whiskey – that creates a shower experience you wouldn’t soon forget. Even the packaging is fully thought out, with a selvage calico bag that’s rivet-sealed with a Japanese kick-pressed copper dome rivet.

Yeah, we know it may seem over-the-top, but sometimes a man truly needs to indulge. Available at Hickoree’s Hard Goods.

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 Tender ‘Pure Vetiver & Wood Oil Soap’

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 Tender ‘Pure Vetiver & Wood Oil Soap’
 Tender ‘Pure Vetiver & Wood Oil Soap’

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