Review: Sisleÿum Anti-Aging Global Revitalizer

Sisley Sisleyum 642 Review: Sisleÿum Anti Aging Global Revitalizer

Until relatively recently, Sisley made the kind of women’s products – or at best, unisex – that developed a fierce following around the world. Now, the French skincare company has created a Anti-Aging Global Revitalizer targeted specifically to men. It’s infused with plant extracts to combat wrinkles, effects of stress, as well as loss of firmness. Available in two textures – gel for normal skin & cream for dry – Sisleÿum addresses the needs of any man. Although we only tried the cream, we imagine the gel would be a great product for use in summer months when oil production of the skin increases.

Over the past few weeks of use, I have fallen in love with this product. It’s rich texture is immediately absorbed into the skin without any trace of weight or greasiness, & it leaves skin feeling firm & refreshed. After a few weeks of daily use, I noted that the appearance of my skin was noticeably improved. To ensure this wasn’t in my head, I distributed some samples to friends & fellow co-workers & everyone agreed that this was indeed a superior product. You can find more information about this product at Sisleÿum for Men Online.

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 Review: Sisleÿum Anti Aging Global Revitalizer

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 Review: Sisleÿum Anti Aging Global Revitalizer
 Review: Sisleÿum Anti Aging Global Revitalizer

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