EvolutionMan ‘Moisture Protect SPF 20’

EvolutionManMoisturizer EvolutionMan Moisture Protect SPF 20

The good people at EvolutionMan sent us a few of their products to test awhile back, and this was one that really stood out. A light but effective moisturizer, its formula has the added benefit of an SPF rating of 20, which if you care about your skin – and if you frequent this site, odds are you do – is pretty much essential. On top of that, it’s free of all the bad stuff (parabens, sulfates, GMO’s), and full of plenty of good stuff like antioxidants and organic Titanium Dioxide.

I’ve been using this stuff daily for over a month now, and it’s well worth considering as a summer moisturizing option. You get get yours here.

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 EvolutionMan Moisture Protect SPF 20

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 EvolutionMan Moisture Protect SPF 20
 EvolutionMan Moisture Protect SPF 20

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