Thiers-Issard Strop Paste

Thiers Issard Strop Paste Thiers Issard Strop Paste

Okay, so unless you’re really into shaving, you probably don’t know what exactly this Theirs-Issard Strop Paste is for, or how it’s used. Basically, this past has a fine micron grain to it, and you use it with a leather strop to sharpen your straight razor into a hair-splitting edge. A sharp edge is essential to a good shave, so if you decide to give a straight razor a try, make sure you pick up some of this so you can maintain it properly. Available for purchase at Minn New York.

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 Thiers Issard Strop Paste

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 Thiers Issard Strop Paste
 Thiers Issard Strop Paste

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