Sharps Mission Control Guck-in-a-Puck

sharps mission control Sharps Mission Control Guck in a Puck

“Looks like a lunar gel, acts a soft hold wax” says the product description of Mission Control Guck-in-a-Puck from Sharps. Not sure what a “lunar gel” is exactly, but either way, this stuff works. With a light basil and citrus scent this isn’t the kind of hair product that people will smell when they get within 5 feet of you. Nor is it the greasy kind. With a light water-based formulation Sharps gives you the best of both worlds with flexibility, hold, and non-greasiness. We also dig the graphic on the lid. Get it online here.

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 Sharps Mission Control Guck in a Puck

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 Sharps Mission Control Guck in a Puck

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