Lithuania Launches National Fragrance

Lithuania 226x300 Lithuania Launches National Fragrance

Lithuania announced recently that it would soon be launching its own national fragrance. The former Soviet country hopes to capture the essence of its land with the new scent, and that it will become a national symbol of pride. The fragrance, created by French perfume house Galimard, contains notes of sandalwood, cedar, and musk in reference to the Indo-European heritage of the country’s language. It also contains hints of moss, wood fires, and wildflowers which are meant to evoke the pagan rituals of the country’s past.

The Lithuanian government hopes that the fragrance will communicate the strength and character of Lithuanians to the world. Samples have already been sent to Lithuanian soldiers in Afghanistan and a further range of products bearing the signature scent are due out later this year. Random, we know…but how many chances does one get to cover a state-sponsored fragrance?

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 Lithuania Launches National Fragrance

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 Lithuania Launches National Fragrance

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