‘Shaving Fun’ Ken Doll

Shaving Fun Ken Shaving Fun Ken Doll

This is about as manly as a barbie doll gets. We honestly don’t really know what to say about the ‘Shaving Fun’ Ken doll, so we’ll let Mattel do the talking:

“Ken doll has a date planned with his favorite girl, BarbieĀ®, but he has a five o’ clock shadow! Help Ken doll look his best by “shaving” away the stubble. Just dip the sponge-tipped “razor” in warm water and “shave” his beard. To make Ken doll’s facial hair “grow” back, wet the towel with ice-cold water and wipe his face.”

Also, check out the commercial below, and if you really want, you can buy one here.

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 Shaving Fun Ken Doll

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 Shaving Fun Ken Doll
 Shaving Fun Ken Doll

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