The Motley: ‘Study Series’ Cremo Cream Co.

Our friends over at The Motley have released the first in their ‘Study Series’, a collection of videos that will delve into the world of men’s grooming to take an informative, intelligent, and entertaining look at the products, individuals, and brands that make their shop so great.

This first release looks into the Cremo Cream Co., a venture started in 2007 by Kyle Schroeder and Mike Boone out of a desire to get a superior shave. Take it from someone that’s used their product when I say they these two no doubt succeeded in achieving this goal. Check out The Motley, and Cremo Cream Co. for more intel!

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 The Motley: Study Series Cremo Cream Co.

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 The Motley: Study Series Cremo Cream Co.
 The Motley: Study Series Cremo Cream Co.

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