Gillette Goes Green with New Packaging

Gillette Go Green Gillette Goes Green with New Packaging

Razor blade packaging serves several functions: it not only protects the costly blades inside until they get to you, but they’re also created to prevent theft, since the cost of razors makes them a popular item to steal. This often means that the packaging is quite large when considered in the context of its contents. So when Gillette hired Burgopak USA to create a new ‘Green’ package, it was more a task of re-envisioning the familiar with new, more environmentally friendly materials.

The result is a package that uses 79% less plastic and is 17% lighter thanks to the use of plant-fiber materials. Proctor & Gamble (the company that owns Gillette) has set the ambitious goal of reducing its consumer and manufacturing waste to zero(!) in the coming years. We have to say we really admire this kind of forward thinking out of such a large company, since with such a massive share of the market, any effort (let alone these truly ambitious ones) will make a huge difference in the long run.

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 Gillette Goes Green with New Packaging

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 Gillette Goes Green with New Packaging
 Gillette Goes Green with New Packaging

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