Aesop “Preen” Grooming Kit

349615 mrp e1 xl Aesop Preen Grooming Kit

Bring Aesop’s invigorating scents and refreshing feel into your daily routine with the ‘Preen’ kit. Enriched with mandarin rind and rosemary leaf, the hand wash and balm are designed to gently clean and protect your skin, while the geranium leaf body cleanser and hydrating cream remove grime and leave you feeling balanced and restored. Each one is amped up with scientifically selected, naturally sourced ingredients to provide the most effective nourishment. Available now at Mr. Porter.

349615 mrp e2 xl Aesop Preen Grooming Kit

349615 mrp fr xl Aesop Preen Grooming Kit

349615 mrp in xl Aesop Preen Grooming Kit

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 Aesop Preen Grooming Kit

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 Aesop Preen Grooming Kit
 Aesop Preen Grooming Kit

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