FinerCut ‘Stache Salute!

Rollie Fingers FinerCut Stache Salute!

Today’s ‘Stache Salute! celebrated the facial fortitude of one Rollie Fingers. A famed relief-pitcher during the 70’s & early-80’s, Fingers not only became the 2nd reliever to be inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame, but is also one of few MLB players have his number retired by more than one team (Oakland A’s & Milwaukee Brewers).

What makes him most well-known to us is his signature ‘stache, which at the time was such a remarkable sensation that you’d think people were still afraid of 19th century train robbers. The ‘stache was the result of a $300 reward by then Oakland A’s owner Charles Finley, offered to the player who could have the most fantastical facial hair come opening day 1972.

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 FinerCut Stache Salute!

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 FinerCut Stache Salute!
 FinerCut Stache Salute!

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One thought on “FinerCut ‘Stache Salute!

  1. That is unbelievable! I had no idea way back when they had these facial hair contests/bets. Apparently as a society we never grow (apart from facial, this apparently grows infinitely).

    We should implement one at the office. Naturally I cannot compete, however, I am glad to judge!

    Please allow the EveryGuyed ‘Stache Competition commence!

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