Aesop x Marimekko “Sauna Duet”

aesop marimekko sauna duet 1 Aesop x Marimekko Sauna Duet

For generations the first thing to be constructed in a home in Finland is the sauna, so what better way for iconic Finnish textile company Marimekko to celebrate this national tradition that to team up with Australia’s Aesop on a “Sauna Duet”? The ‘duet’ consists of a “Sauna Body Scrub” and “Sauna Body Balm”, one designed to cleans the skin deeply, the other to nourish it through the stress of intense, dry heat. Utilizing the rich, aromatic essential oils of fir needle, sage leaf and pine needle, along with purifying and detoxifying ingredients, Aesop-Marimekko’s Sauna Body Scrub gently exfoliates while the Sauna Body Balm nourishes and moisturizes for soft, supple skin. Both products come packaged in recyclable plastic jars and are offered in a dedicated cotton bag featuring Marimekko’s ‘Vellamo’ print. Set for release at the end of April, the kits will be available at both Aesop and Marimekko retail and online vendors.

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 Aesop x Marimekko Sauna Duet

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 Aesop x Marimekko Sauna Duet
 Aesop x Marimekko Sauna Duet

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