Biotherm Anti Dullness Oxygenating Moisturiser

Protect yourself from the effects of pollution, smoking, and general toxic build up with Biotherm Homme Hydra Detox. A lightweight, fresh, moisturizing and detoxifying gel to brighten skin, it will prevent skin congestion and relieve the appearance of puffiness for a more trimmed and chiseled looking you!  Available here at Mankind.

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Geo F. Trumper Wooden Shave Bowl – Extract of Limes

For the man who adopts shaving as a form of meditation, Geo F Trumper’s Wooden Shave Bowl offers specially formulated essential oils to instantly make your morning shave run a whole lot more smoother. Featuring West Indian Lime Oil extract, you’re assured to free yourself from rough skin and achieve higher status skin care. With its […]

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Aesop Body Cleansing Slab

Spoil your entire body and bathtub with Aesop Body Cleansing Slab.  Guaranteed to balance your skin’s PH levels while nourishing and imbibing your skin with its exotic aroma, it features a simple vegetable soap and enhanced Ylang Ylang plant extracts that assures to take your whole bathing routine experience onto a whole other level.  Available […]

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Kiehl’s Over Night Bio-Peel

Cure wrinkles, dark spots, hyper pigmentation and enlarged pores with Kiehl’s Over Night Bio-Peel.  Clinically proven to stimulate your skins biological process, it features biological peels that utilize neutral solutions that help gently exfoliate your skin preventing  any discoloration, excess dirt, or dullness.   Available here at Mankind.

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Blades of Glory Gift Set II

Share high order shaves this holiday season with the Blades of Glory Gift Set II.  Featuring all the essentials to produce Barber shop shaves in the comfort of anybodies washroom, it possesses exquisite tools from French cutlery master Theirs Issard including: Straight Razor with White Scale 4-Sided Paddle Straight Razor Strop Razor Sharpening Paste Semogue […]

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Geo F Trumper Cologne

Voted as one of the top 50 grooming products produced by The Independent Newspaper, Geo F Trumper Cologne  introduces an invigorating, refreshing and highly versatile cologne that offers a scent you can sport all year round.   With the scents of mandarin, bergamot, lemon,  tarragon, lavender and cypress, instantly smell fresh  in 2011 without having to […]

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DS Laboratories Revita Shampoo

Discover the most efficient hair growth stimulating shampoo on the market today courtesy Revita Shampoo.  Featuring a unique chemical free extraction method made to keep original properties for thicker hair, you’ll immediately benefit from its pure and chemically preserved active molecules and actually have results to show for it!  Available here at Mankind.

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Murad Blemish Complex Kit

Exude confidence with clean and clear skin by preventing blemishes and excess oil buildup without dryness or irritation with Blemish Complex Kit.  Featuring clarifying cleansing gel, exfoliating blemish gel, and blemish target formula to keep your skin looking clean and clear.  With a proven 90% success rate within 30 days, you’re guaranteed to fight off […]

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