Clinique Groom Happy Set

No time like the present to take your manly fragrance into a more advanced level with Clinique’s Happy for Men Cologne Spray.  Guaranteeing to gently grace you with a new sense of scented style and sophistication.   The Happy set also is accompanied with an ultra-soothing after shave balm to fight off unattractive shaving side-effects, all […]

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eShave 3 Blade Razor

Avoid the hassles of 5 o clock shadows and gain effortless close shaves with eShave’s ‘Three Blade’ compatible razor handle.  Providing all users with quick and easy to use three blades fitted for either Gillette Mach 3 or Gillette Fusion, its sophisticated nickel plated colored design delivers you the luxury of a perfect shave day […]

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Malin + Goetz Gentle Neroli Shampoo

Affordable, long lasting, and great for travel,  Neroli Shampoo of Malin + Goetz blesses you with natural Neroli extract and amino acid proteins aimed to purify and balance your hair and scalp.  This mildly foaming shampoo rinses free of residue and build-up, allowing for the maximum shine and malleability of your hair.   Available here […]

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Alford & Hoff Luxury Shave Performance Cream

Take charge of your skincare habits in 2011 and settle for nothing less than Alford & Hoff’s Shave Performance Cream.  Assuring to transform your hard earned dollars into results, Alford & Hoff provides you with an instant clean and close shave helping you reduce unattractive 5 o clock shadows.  You’ll receive a well balanced set […]

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Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer

Bring awareness to your newly discovered smooth and hydrated skin with Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer.  Guaranteed to help smooth skin re-surface without irritation, you’ll instantly benefit from its anti-ageing vitamins promoting balanced skin tone and pigmentation for an overall attractive looking you.  Available here at Adonis Grooming.

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Origener’s Organ Nutrient Hair and Scalp Tonic

Immediately achieve thicker hair with Origener’s Organ Nutrient Hair and Scalp Tonic.  Here’s your chance to prevent the frustrations of a thinning scalp and stop father time.  It’s blend of Organo Nutrients, Organic Glyceric Phytomcomplex Origenere Hair and Scalp Tonic leaves you with a thicker and overall healthier scalp for a more youthful and confident you. […]

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