Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

Nobody enjoys dry, chapped hands in the winter time. But finding the right hand lotion is no simple task. Cheap out with a drugstore grade cream, and your hands are bound to feel slimy and sticky for a long while afterwards. We’ve all been there at some point. Aesop’s resurrection aromatique hand balm is definitely […]

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Video: Townsend Bay Soap Co. by The Motley

Friends of FinerCut, The Motley have made this great video showcasing the Townsend Bay Soap Company, a producer of high-quality, handmade products. Founded by Carol Middleburg in 1999, Townsend Bay Soap Co. is known for making only the highest quality soap by hand. This video does a fantastic job of showcasing the kind of passionate […]

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Stussy x Baxter California ‘Wheel Soap’

Iconic clothing brand Stussy has teamed up with apothecary outfit Baxter of California on this limited edition ‘Wheel Soap’ . Made in the USA, the soap is formed to resemble a skateboard wheel & features Baxter’s ‘Rain Shower’ fragrance.

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DSquared2 ‘Potion’ for Man

An essence project inspired by laboratories of the past, DSquared2 have unveiled their new men’s fragrance and grooming range entitled ‘Potion’. The concept of quintessence dates back to the days when people thought the only way to obtain a pure essence was to process it five times over. Rediscovered, reinvented and inflected with new scientific […]

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Cryil R. Salter Pearwood Pure Bristle Nailbrush

A nailbrush may seem effeminate at best to most men, but then again, what’s so masuline about having grit and grime under your nails? With that in mind, we suggest checking out the Cyril R. Salter ‘Pearwood Pure Bristle Nailbrush’, designed to be a long lasting companion that will keep your nails clean, and healthy. […]

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Video: ‘How to Shave Your Back’ by Gillette

Winter’s long over, and that genetic sweater you were rocking all winter should probably go if you’re going to hit the beach. For those who have a lot of back hair, this video from Gillette’s ‘How to’ series is a great instructional on getting the job done, so you can get your shirt off on […]

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The Motley ‘Summer Essentials Kit’

Our friends over at The Motley have always been master curators of all things skincare, & their new ‘Summer Essentials Kit’ continues with this trend. Featuring all their favorite products for summertime packaged into a handy dopp bag, those buying before July 4th have the benefit of receiving their choice of a FREE Lock, Stock, […]

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Zirh ‘Charlemange’ Warrior Shower Gel

Zirh’s new ‘Warrior’ line of shower gel will lead any many to scoff at the realization that, who better is there to share your shower with than Charlemagne, the storied emperor of the Romans? Although we can’t say the man was known for his bathing back in the early days of civilization, the good folks […]

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