Portland General Store ‘Tabac’ Aftershave

Shaving takes a toll on your skin, especially if you’re doing it everyday, so with that in mind Portland General Store has created an invigorating and restorative ‘Tabac’ aftershave. Using sea minerals to nourish and aid your skin in recovering from your morning shave, this aftershave is the kind of product that, once you try […]

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Murray’s Pomade

With classic men’s fashion and grooming being all the rage today (Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire), a lot of companies are jumping on a bandwagon to capture that old world style; but it’s Murray’s that’s driving that wagon, established as a favorite of your father’s and their father’s back in the day, and relatively unchanged since. […]

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Ole Henriksen ‘Truth in His Eyes’ Treatment

From Hollywood skincare outfit Ole Henriksen comes ‘Truth in His Eyes’, a new under-eye serum that has been developed specifically to reduce the look of tiredness where it shows the most on men. Developed with purified soy and rice peptides, ‘Truth in His Eyes’ boasts some pretty amazing results well worth investing in.

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Thiers-Issard ‘Sabatier’ Hook Nose Straight Razor

European manufacturer Thiers-Issard have created a beautiful horn-handled straight razor called the ‘Sabatier’. The razor, which features a 7/8 length and blonde horn inlays, is the type of shaving tool that a man passes on for generations. Once he teaches those generations how to respect such a commanding piece of equipment.

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