Grooming at the Oscars

oscars christian bale Grooming at the Oscars

Considering the amount of facial hair seen at this Sunday’s 83rd Annual Academy Awards it’s funny to think back to a time when this sort of thing would have been positively unthinkable. In the days of Bob Hope facial hair was for the weekend (maybe) and definitely not a black tie affair.

We’ll take it as a sign of the times that so many of Hollywood’s leading men turned up scruffy to the industry’s biggest night. But what does it all mean? Beards can be glamourous too, and when done right are perfectly appropriate for a formal affair. Just as long as you keep it neat (we’re looking at you Christian Bale). Check out some of the most notable grooming looks from the 2011 Oscars.

Photos: GQ and Esquire.

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 Grooming at the Oscars

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 Grooming at the Oscars

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