The Gentlemen’s Clubs of London

the gentlemens clubs of london The Gentlemens Clubs of London

Once upon a time the term “Gentlemen’s Club” didn’t have the licentious undertones it does today. In fact, up untill the past 25 or so odd years, Gentlemen’s Clubs were places were well-dressed and well-to-do men could congregate, relax, discuss politics and stocks, gamble, get a haircut and indulge in a steam. They we’re bulwarks of the old boys club society and smoke-filled centers of gentry style.

To commemorate their handsomely rich history Anthony Lejeune wrote the book “The Gentlemen’s Clubs of London” over a more than twenty year period and published it in 1979. Thirty years later publishers Stacey International are releasing an updated and expanded re-printing due out this June. The Gentleman’s Gazette has full write up on the book. Look for it on Amazon in June.

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 The Gentlemens Clubs of London

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 The Gentlemens Clubs of London

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