Alford & Hoff ‘The Full Set’

If you really want to pamper a loved one this season – or hey, yourself – look no further than Alford & Hoff’s ‘The Full Set’ skincare kit. As the name suggests this package features all the products in the companies luxury skincare arsenal, including: Cleanse, Moisturizer, Moisturizer SPF 15, Serum, Shave, Eye Cream & […]

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EvolutionMan ‘Moisture Protect SPF 20’

The good people at EvolutionMan sent us a few of their products to test awhile back, and this was one that really stood out. A light but effective moisturizer, its formula has the added benefit of an SPF rating of 20, which if you care about your skin – and if you frequent this site, […]

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Tocca ‘Stella’ SPF30 Towellete

In what might be the greatest idea we’ve seen in a long time, Tocca has taken their ‘Stella’ fragrance and infused it into a brilliant moisturizing towelette with SPF 30 sun protection. Even though we all know the sun is our skin’s greatest enemy, carrying around a bottle of sunscreen isn’t ideal, so the concept […]

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Kiehl’s Facial Fuel SPF 15

Since launching their male-specific ‘Facial Fuel’ line of products three years ago, this SPF 15 moisturizer has consistently been one of their best sellers. Formulated with invigorating caffeine and vitamin E, this moisturizer provides the benefit of protecting that well-nourished skin from the harmful rays of the sun with an SPF rating of 15. Available […]

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Alford & Hoff SPF 15 Moisturizer

Alford & Hoff’s SPF 15 Moisturizing serum is a great way to protect your skin against the sun’s harsh rays without dousing yourself in sticky, foul-smelling sunscreen. Lightly formulated, this emulsion has active humectants and even a dose of Alford & Hoff’s anti-aging formula to boost the moisturizers regenerative effects.

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