Video: Gillette Presents the “GentleMo” for Movember

Gillette is here to introduce the GentleMo, a go-to mustache for this Movember. To help men look more gentlemanly, Gillette created the GentleMo. It goes without saying that far too many guys take Movember to mean ‘Don’t Shave at all month’, when in fact you should be constantly sculpting and shaping your mustache to look […]

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DOVO Mustache & Beard Scissors

For those that take the time to trim their beard and mustache, it’s a revelation when you first use scissors to do the job instead of an electric trimmer. Scissors like these stainless steel Moustache & Beard Scissors from Dovo offer precision cutting and an ability to shape your facial hair that other instruments just […]

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Video: 2012 National Beard & Mustache Competition

In this episode of Subculture Club they traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend the 2012 National Beard and Moustache Championships. Meet the largest community of men dedicated to growing and celebrating their beards and mustaches! You have never seen so much epic facial hair until you watch this video!

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Black Mustaches on a Stick by Lo’s Shop

Let’s be honest, it’s a lot easier to wear a  fake mustache than to grow a real one, so don’t fret if you can only grow a few hair of whiskers here and there because Lo’s Shop by loriii is here to help. Black Mustaches on a Stick is the masquerade mask equivalent of facial […]

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Mustache Pattern Socks

We love a good mustache-referencing item here at FinerCut – as one can see here – and these socks from Urban Outfitters are no exception. Crew-length and made form a cotton/spandex blend, these socks feature an all over mustache print that’s sure to provide just the right amount of sartorial flourish when it comes to […]

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Gotham Smith Mustache Cufflinks

So you can’t grow a mustache that rivals Tom Selleck, but you can certainly wear one with these Gotham Smith Mustache Cufflinks. These whiskered accessories are made from powdered steel infused with bronze, providing a sleek smooth look for the gentleman aiming to accessorize with swagger. The Gotham Smith Mustache Cufflinks are available in three […]

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