Malin + Goetz Cannabis Body Wash

Malin + Goetz infuse their signature cannabis scent into a new all-natural hand and body wash. Though it won’t leave you smelling like you live in Colorado, the wash boasts subtle notes of orange, pepper, sandalwood and oakmoss that will give you an air of the risque. You can pick up the new wash at […]

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Malin + Goetz Cannabis Scented Candle

Malin + Goetz may be one of our favorite skincare companies, but those most familiar with the company will know they are a huge player on the fragrance scene. With this new candle, they’ve elected to put one of the world’s most well-known fragrances, Cannabis, into play. This 9oz candle promises to burn for 60 […]

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Malin + Goetz Peppermint Body Scrub

Improve all your first impressions with Malin + Goetz Peppermint Body Scrub.  Ph balanced, mixed with bamboo and pumice to help you shed dead skin and stimulate cell renewal, your guaranteed to have  lively and healthy looking skin within days.  Featuring natural peppermint with amino acid-bases as a mild anti-septic, glycerine for hydration, and it’s […]

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Malin + Goetz Cellular Renewal Cream

Formulated to help you fight father time for a  more youthful essence, Malin + Goetz introduces their new Cellular Renewal Cream. Featuring natural nutrients that promote collagen cell restoration, benefit from its technologically advanced anti-aging solution and try to get one step closer to the fountain of youth.  Available here.

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Malin + Goetz ‘Mojito’ Lip Balm

With a severe case of the ‘Mondays’ going on, we figured it was time for a drink in the form of Malin + Goetz’s delightful ‘Mojito’ lip balm. Just like the soap set we posted on previously, this soothing lip balm is infused with M+ G’s signature favorite fragrance. An added bonus for guys? It’s […]

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Malin + Goetz ‘Mojito Gift Set’

The perfect gift for any man, or as a treat for yourself, this collection of vegetable-based soaps from Malin + Goetz has been combined to create the essence of a Mojito. Beautifully packaged in their iconographic style, the set features lime, rum, and peppermint ‘flavours’ to keep your smelling great.

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