Aesop “Boston” and “London” Travel Grooming Kits


Australian cosmetic brand Aēsop presents two new grooming kits, the ‘Boston’ and the ‘London’. Having previously released kits for New York and Geneva, this dual launch features a more comprehensive collection of products. Both start with mouthwash and ‘Jet Set Kit’ – four 50mL-bottles that contain Aēsop’s Classic Shampoo, Classic Conditioner, Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser […]

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Atkinsons ‘Oud Save the King” Cologne


Founded in 1799 by James Atkinson, the London-based fragrance outfit has released a new fragrance based on the scent known as “Oud”. The “Oud Save the King” fragrance features elements of Earl Grey tea and leather, for a refined but masculine scent profile. Handcrafted and beautifully packaged, you can purchase Atkinsons “Oud Save the King” […]

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Comme des Garcon x Hussein Chalayan Present Airborne


Designed as an olfactory representation of Hussein Chalayan’s journey from London to Cyprus, ‘Airborne’, created with Comme des Garcon’s Parfums, is one of the most unique and beautifully executed scents out there. After selecting different elements such as neroli, lemon and lentiscus from Cyprus, Chalayan proposed an imaginary scenario as to how these ingredients could […]

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The Murdock Complete Shaving Kit

Murdock Complete Shaving Kit

This comprehensive, ‘Complete’ shave kit was carefully assembled by the team at Murdock of London to provide the highest quality shave for a man right out of the box. The kit includes a Best Badger Hair Shave Brush, a Chatsworth Safety Razor, a chrome razor stand, and a Murdock Shaving Flannel. Available at Murdoch of […]

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Yardley London Citrus and Wood Eau de Toilette


New from Yardley London, the Citrus and Wood Eau de Toilette provides the zesty smells of bergamot and lime combined with exhilarating  scents of poivre, birchwood and oakmoss. To top it off, there’s also hints of sandalwood, amber and vetiver to accentuate the aroma. Get it at Yardley London or The Gentleman’s Shop.

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Drake’s London Horn Accessories


We love a classic plastic comb as much as the next guy, but there’s something about one made of Nigerian Ox horn – like the one pictured above from Drake’s London – that makes you feel like you deserve a little something more. Polished with sand to a gleaming finish, t range includes a boar […]

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Murdock London Realeses Shaving Collection


London outfit Murdock of London has just released their own line of shaving products as a welcome addition to the prodigious selection of other goods they stock in their online shop. The line consists of a Pre-Shave Oil, Shave Cream, and Post-Shave Balm, which have all been formulated with natural ingredients and the experience of […]

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Murdock London ‘Gentleman’s Travel Kit’

Murdock London Gentlemans Travel Kit

With Christmas fast approaching, this beautifully assembled ‘Gentleman’s Travel Kit’ from Murdock of London makes an ideal gift for friends, family, or even yourself, should you feel you deserve it. The kit contains Jack Black ‘All Over’ wash and ‘Double Duty’ moisturizer, as well as a travel tube of Marvis toothpaste and a barber’s towel, […]

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The Gentlemen’s Clubs of London

the gentlemens clubs of london

Once upon a time the term “Gentlemen’s Club” didn’t have the licentious undertones it does today. In fact, up untill the past 25 or so odd years, Gentlemen’s Clubs were places were well-dressed and well-to-do men could congregate, relax, discuss politics and stocks, gamble, get a haircut and indulge in a steam. They we’re bulwarks […]

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