Biotherm Homme Razor Burn Eliminator

You could be the world’s best amateur shaver and still get razor burn from time to time. A good shaving cream and the right technique will help to cut down on razor burn but sometimes it just happens. That’s exactly where Biotherm Homme’s Razor Burn Eliminator comes in. Apply a thin layer and it immediately […]

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Laneige Homme Anti-Trouble Multi-Fluid

Nobody goes looking for trouble, but sometimes trouble just finds you. This Multi-Fluid from Laneige Homme uses ginger, clove extract, tryclosan, and salicylic acid to exfoliate, remove excess oil, and limit sebum production. For guys who have occasionally troublesome skin, this is a good way to take control. Get it online here.

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Biotherm Aqua Power Lotion

After a close shave, your skin can sometimes feel a little sensitive and razor-burned. Biotherm Homme Aqua Power Lotion is specially formulated with Oligo minerals and pure plankton extracts to gently soothe red or razor-burned skin. Aqua Power lotion immediately improves skin’s appearance, evening tone, and reducing redness. Get it here.

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