RIP Ryan Dunn: Superglue Beard

As some of you might know, Ryan Dunn, perennial member of MTV’s ‘Jackass’ passed away the other day in what – & this is still somewhat unclear – was apparently a drunk-driving incident. Even though that’s a absolutely moronic way to die – not to mention the fact he took the life of a passenger […]

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Baxter of California Exfoliating Facial Scrub

Form purveyors of high-quality men’s apothecary products Baxter of California, is a new exfoliating facial scrub that unlike many of its competitors, won’t make your face feel like it was just acid washed. Containing soothing extracts and minerals, this scrub is designed to lightly slough away dead skin cells, leaving behind a fresh, renewed complexion.

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Baxter of California: 3 New Pomades

Baxter of California has just released 3 new pomades to provide a new breadth of choice and fine-tuning to your daily grooming regimen. The new products are a ‘Hard Water Pomade’, a ‘Slick Pomade’, and a ‘Cream Pomade.’ Information about each one can be found below: Hard Water: (Firm Hold/Pliable Texture) “Designed to easily blend […]

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Kent Classic Handmade Toothbrush Hard Bristle

A toothbrush might not be something the average guy would consider purchasing because it was handmade, but one use of a Kent handmade toothbrush and you’ll immediately see the benefits over a traditional pharmacy brush. With hard, high-quality bristles hand-stitched right into the head, this brush will provide a level of comfort and clean unrivaled […]

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Dovo ‘Shavette’ Straight Razor

An ideal razor for one’s introduction into the world of ‘open blade’ shaving, the ‘Shavette’ straight razor from Dovo comes in with high-quality and a low price point. Designed to use a double-edged blade that is effectively split in half, the Dovo Shavette does not require the meticulous and often complex maintenance of a traditional […]

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Odin ’01 Nomad’ Cologne

From the scent masters at Odin New York, this ’01 Nomad’ fragrance truly lives up to it’s name, with a fragrance composed of the most exotic ingredients the far reaching points of the world have to offer. A high-quality scent with carefully constructed base, middle, and top notes, this scent is an ideal addition to […]

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MUHLE Safety Razor R106

The design of this razor has gone entirely unchanged since O.J. Müller began crafting high quality, precision shaving products in 1945. Made in Germany from stainless steel and polished chrome, with a polyester resin handle, this safety razor is a thing of beauty in addition to being a feat of simple functionality. Razors like this […]

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Edwin Jagger: How Shaving Brushes Are Made Video

This video comes from our friends at The Gentleman’s Shop and gives an inside look at how traditional badger hair shaving brushes are made at the Edwin Jagger workshop. The labor intensive process involves several different craftspeople using traditional tools and techniques. The result is a high quality brush that significantly improves the shaving experience.

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Viktor Toothbrush Holders

If you’re interested in injecting a bit of high-design into your grooming regimen, consider doing to it with these toothbrush holders from designer Hlynur V. Atlason and acclaimed NYC studio, Kontextür. These curiously beautiful objects mix form and function to create something that is very elegant and totally useful. Available in black nickel, sterling silver, […]

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