Nose create “L’Air de Panache”: A Cologne for “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

The films of Wes Anderson are a world of whimsy, which is why fragrance label Nose has teamed up with the director to create “L’air de Panache”; a cologne inspired by his new film, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Created by British perfumer Mark Buxton, the cologne carries notes of green apple, jasmine, and roses. Panache […]

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Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Fragance Gift Set

Tom Ford‘s Private Blend Oud fragrance collection is a must-have for the fragrance aficionado. Having originated in dynastic China, “ouds” have strong wood undertones that convey a masculine strength often absent in more contemporary fragrances. Included in the gift set are Ford’s Private Blend Oud Wood, Private Blend Oud Fleur and Private Blend Tobacco Oud. […]

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retaW Fragrance Hand Soap “Evelyn*”

retaW has introduced the EVELYN* scent as a new player in their line of fragrant hand soaps. The soap features a fruity fragrance with hints of bergamot and champagne and includes a blend of natural essential oils, collagen, and hyaluronic acid to gently clean and moisturize your skin. You can find this latest hand soap […]

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Baxter of California x Ronin “Cask” Candle

Baxter of California has produced a second collaborative project for restaurateurs, Ronin. BOC worked with the popular eatery on a hand wash collaboration which launched earlier this year. This second collaboration includes the CASK candle which is made of soy wax and has a floral-whiskey scent lifted with patchouli and cedar woods resting on a […]

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retaW Body Fragrance Shampoo

Proving that Hiroshi Fujiwara is a man of many talents, retaW (Water, backwards) is his forward thinking fragrance brand, creating unique products designed to enhance modern life. Based in the upmarket Aoyama district of Tokyo, retaW have developed a series of expertly created fragrances, many named after the record or musician that tailored the hand […]

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NEXUSVII x retaW Fragrance Dog Tags

Premium fragrance label retaW has teamed with Japanese brand NEXUSVII to release this unique take on fragrance: a scented dog tag. Inspired by the customary identification tags worn by military personnel, each purchase comes with two tags in your choice of olive or off white strung up to a traditional ball chain. Although it might […]

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Comme des Garcons Reveal “Luxe” Fragrance

Parisian luxury label Comme des Garcons releases a new “Luxe” line of eau de toilette in Patchouli and Champaca fragrances for the summertime. Patchouli is derived from leave of the plant of the same name from Sumatra, Indonesia and features hints of white pepper, soy accord, patchouli, cedarwood, vanilla and oakmoss. Champaca heads across the […]

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retaW 2012 Fragrance Tissue “Allen” & “Evelyn”

The ALLEN & EVELYN* Wet Tissue from retaW finds the Tokyo-based scent purveyor delving into the world of fragrance application with a twist. Intended as a change of pace and as a refreshing alternative to deodorant, the tissue rids the body of stickiness and dirt and leaves the skin with hints of lilies, bergamot and […]

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PLAY COMME des GARCONS To Release Three New Scents

PLAY COMME des GARCONS is set to release three new fragrances this spring, adding a personalized scent to the freshness of the season. Although, the only aesthetic difference between black heart, green heart, and red heart may be a different coloured bottle, once that cap is popped, you’ll notice a world of difference. Be on […]

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Shipley & Halmos x D.S. & Durga Fragrance

Shipley & Halmos has teamed up with fragrance label D.S. & Durga to create their first fragrance for Holiday 2011. Here’s what they have to say about the collaboration & the scent: “In what we’re calling the great ampersand allegiance of 2011, the fellas from Shipley & Halmos are teaming with Brooklyn fragrance purveyors D.S. […]

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