Captain Fawcett’s Mustache Wax

This wax is based on an original recipe perfected in the 1900s by Captain Peabody Fawcett. Available now for the first time in over 100 years, it provides excellent hold, allowing your moustache to be worn in a range of dashing styles. Available in three flavours; Lavender, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang. Made using only the […]

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DOVO Mustache & Beard Scissors

For those that take the time to trim their beard and mustache, it’s a revelation when you first use scissors to do the job instead of an electric trimmer. Scissors like these stainless steel Moustache & Beard Scissors from Dovo offer precision cutting and an ability to shape your facial hair that other instruments just […]

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Eco Logic ‘Tobacco & Lemon’ Shave Oil

From Eco Logic comes this delightful shave oil, featuring natural Tobacco extract and Lemon essential oil that provide this product with asultry, smooth, yet refreshing scent. A carefully formulated blend of castor, almond, jojoba oils soak into the skin and hair to soften a beard and reduce the stresses of shaving. Available for purchase here.

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Video: 2012 National Beard & Mustache Competition

In this episode of Subculture Club they traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend the 2012 National Beard and Moustache Championships. Meet the largest community of men dedicated to growing and celebrating their beards and mustaches! You have never seen so much epic facial hair until you watch this video!

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Brian Wilson ‘Fear the Beard’ SportsCenter Video

If you aren’t watching Showtime’s new series ‘The Franchise’, which follows the happenings of defending World Series champs the San Fransisco Giants, you should be. Seriously. One reason is Brian Wilson, the often whimsical – and always devastating – Closer. I mean, just look at that beard!

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Remington MB4110 Stubble Kit

For the un-initiated, it’s time you learned about the magic of a stubble trimmer like this MB4110 from Remington. Sure, there are benefits to shaving everyday, but a well-manicured stubble is just as appealing and professional on most occasions. Just think, a quick trim with one of three included adapter heads would take no more […]

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Washington Man Shaves Off 9/11 Beard

Gary Weddle of Washington had a particularly unique investment in Osama bin Laden being found by the U.S.; he started growing a beard on Sept. 11th 2001, and would not shave it off until the terrorist was discovered and captured. In what is perhaps the most bizarre act of patriotism we’ve seen in recent memory […]

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