Aesop “Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste”


Luxury skincare brand Aesop introduces a new “Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste” to their stellar skincare line. Made with finely ground river-bed Quartz added to a nourishing cream base, this product sloughs away tired surface cells while Lactic Acid offers a mild chemical exfoliation to leave skin immaculately cleansed, soft and polished. Pick up a tube [...]

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Aesop “Jet Set” Travel Grooming Kit

Aesop "Jet Set" Travel Grooming Kit 1

Aesop was established in Melbourne, Australia in 1987 with a quest to create a range of superlative products for the hair, skin and body. Seeking to create a versatile and highly useful product, everything Aesop creates is crafted from materials of the highest quality and proven effectiveness and designed to suit a diversity of needs [...]

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Aesop “Preen” Grooming Kit

Aesop Preen Grooming Kit 2

Bring Aesop’s invigorating scents and refreshing feel into your daily routine with the ‘Preen’ kit. Enriched with mandarin rind and rosemary leaf, the hand wash and balm are designed to gently clean and protect your skin, while the geranium leaf body cleanser and hydrating cream remove grime and leave you feeling balanced and restored. Each [...]

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Aesop “Boston” and “London” Travel Grooming Kits


Australian cosmetic brand Aēsop presents two new grooming kits, the ‘Boston’ and the ‘London’. Having previously released kits for New York and Geneva, this dual launch features a more comprehensive collection of products. Both start with mouthwash and ‘Jet Set Kit’ – four 50mL-bottles that contain Aēsop’s Classic Shampoo, Classic Conditioner, Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser [...]

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Aesop Shibuya Store Designed by Torafu Architects


Australian grooming company Aesop continues their foray into the Japanese market with the opening of their fifth store in Japan’s Shibuya prefecture. Once again the brand looked to Torafu Architects for a stunningly minimal and modern design. A monument to the art of grooming.

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Aesop x Marimekko “Sauna Duet”


For generations the first thing to be constructed in a home in Finland is the sauna, so what better way for iconic Finnish textile company Marimekko to celebrate this national tradition that to team up with Australia’s Aesop on a “Sauna Duet”? The ‘duet’ consists of a “Sauna Body Scrub” and “Sauna Body Balm”, one [...]

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Aesop “Quill” Anti-Oxidant Grooming Kit


Look after all of your facial skincare needs in one go with Aesop’s ‘Quill’ grooming kit. This handy assortment contains products from the company’s popular parsley seed range, which has been scientifically developed to effectively deliver vitamins and anti-oxidants to the skin. The refreshing cleanser, balancing toner and hydrating serum are all designed for daily [...]

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Aesop Mouthwash


Australian skincare label Aesop announces their first oral care product, a mouthwash purported to “provide a solution to the sensitive problem of oral malodour without disturbing saliva production or the natural pH of the mouth.” Made from botanical ingredients, this mouthwash boasts the kind of thoughtful, high-quality formula and branding that has made Aesop a [...]

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Aesop Releases New Mouthwash


Australian luxury skincare label Aesop is set to release a new mouthwash, that “provides a solution to the sensitive problem of oral malodour without disturbing saliva production or the natural pH of the mouth.” The mouthwash is made from botanical ingredients, is alcohol-free and flavored with spearmint and aniseed. Featuring the kind of refined packaging [...]

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Aesop ‘Bird’ Grooming & Care Kits


Australian apothecary label Aesop is known for its line of premium skin, hair and body products that so many swear by. For fall, the label continues its exploration of natural inspirations with a line of “Bird” grooming and care kits, comprised of six collections each named after a different characteristic of avian life: Flight, Hover, [...]

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