Review: OM4 Organic Male Skin Collection

Group Review: OM4 Organic Male Skin Collection

Recently we were lucky enough to get to test out OM4’s ‘Organic Male Skincare Collection’, a four-step skincare system designed to revitalize & rejuvenate skin’s appearance without the use of chemicals. It’s a lofty goal no doubt, but after a few weeks of using these products, we can say that they’re going to be our go-to skincare regimen for quite some time.

Each collection (Oily, Dry, Normal, Sensitive) consists of the same four steps: Wash, Balance, Bioactivate, Defend. Each step uses organic ingredients to maximize their effects on your skin, which is nice to know, since so many brands tout their ‘natural’ ingredients while lacing their products with chemicals too. The first step, ‘Wash’, comes in the form of a Green Clay Cleanser & is probably one of our favorite steps. Spread evenly on the face, it immediately begins to tingle as the clay purges impurities, tightening & firming up your skin. This is followed by a pH balance, which is in effect an herbal toner, evening skins appearance & reducing patchiness. The third step is a Vitamin A Serum that nourishes skin so that it can heal & defend itself against the elements. It’s probably our favorite step, since the light green gel feels practically effervescent when applied. Lastly, as with all good skincare regimens, is moisturizing, & if you have never used an organic moisturizer, you’re in for a treat. The moisturizer is thick, loaded with active ingredients, & is immediately absorbed into your skin for a clean, matte finish. The final result of this comprehensive process is healthier looking skin that’s more resilient & comfortable.

Not only is the Male Skin Collection made in the U.S.A. from the finest ingredients, it’s styling & packaging is functional stylish & great looking. There are no gimmicky containers or designs, just simple tubes & bottles that add to the high-end experience they contain. Everyone here at the office loves this product, & we think you will too. Check out their full lineup at Organic Male Online.

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 Review: OM4 Organic Male Skin Collection

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 Review: OM4 Organic Male Skin Collection
 Review: OM4 Organic Male Skin Collection

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