Juniper Ridge Coastal Sage Soap

coastallarge 7925 Juniper Ridge Coastal Sage Soap

California-based Juniper Ridge Soaps smell like they are crafted out in the forest because they are. Using all natural ingredients, Juniper Ridge craftsmen create artisinal soaps with scents that are fresh, spicy, and woodsy. With names like Western Juniper, California Bay Laurel, and Siskiyou Cedar these are soaps inspired by the awesomeness of the great Western outdoors. What’s more is that they pull it off. They really do smell like crushed leaves, fresh rain, wood, and earth. All ingredients are organic and sustainable produced so you can feel extra good about using this stuff. Our favourite is Coastal Sage. Get it online here.

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 Juniper Ridge Coastal Sage Soap

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 Juniper Ridge Coastal Sage Soap

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