Aesop 2 ‘Reverence Duet’ Collection

aesop reversence duet 1 Aesop 2 Reverence Duet Collection

Aesop releases its latest products in the form of a two-part hand skincare collection. As your first line of protection, skin is never to be neglected. The formula in the Reverence Duet collection features a dark woody aroma and starts with the hand wash, which contains fine frade milled Pumice and Bergamot rind; these two properties purify and exfoliate the skin both mechanically and chemically. After fully cleansing, the Reverence hand balm nourishes and hydrates the hands with its seven emollient ingredients, while Potassium Lactate locks in all the moisture. Perfect for normal to dry skin types, the Reverence Duet system is a combination definitely worth getting your hands on.

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 Aesop 2 Reverence Duet Collection

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 Aesop 2 Reverence Duet Collection
 Aesop 2 Reverence Duet Collection

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