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We get a lot of emails here at FinerCut for a lot of pretty gimmicky products, and to be honest, when we were offered a ‘Razorpit’ for review, we weren’t expecting a product that would back up the lofty claims attached to it. Among these claims were that it would extend the life of our razors for up to 150 shaves(!), work on any razor, and only costs around $25. Needless to say, we were skeptical.

But as I feel my smooth-shaven face, and look at my glimmering, clean, and above all, heavily used Gillette Fusion Pro, I have to say it appears as though the Razorpit is for real. Essentially, it works on a pretty simple principle: Razors get clogged up with dirt, oil, hair, and excess shaving cream, and over time this dulls the blades substantially. For anyone that’s ever tried, cleaning a razor to a like-new shine is a task that hardly seems worth it for all the effort it takes, but with Razorpit, you just run your blade across its semi-soft rubber surface, and your blade comes out looking like new.

So far I’ve used the same cartridge maybe 20-30 times, and there hasn’t been any discernible dullness or loss of quality that I can feel. The Razorpit itself doesn’t appear to wear down at all, and it even acts as pretty stylish little holder for your razor (although I should say, my particular model of Gillette Fusion doesn’t quite fit into it as much as it sits atop it).

All in all, for any guy that shaves often this is a product worth looking into. It’s inexpensive and doesn’t rely on some crazy theory of blade-sharpness: it just keeps your razor clean, and a clean razor is a sharp razor. You can check it out for yourself, or purchase one, here.

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