Murdock of London ‘Hair Play’ Pomade

08 05 2013 murdock hairplay 1 Murdock of London Hair Play Pomade

A new arrival to our ever expanding selection of high end grooming products, Murdock was established in Shoreditch in 2006 now operate a selection of proper Men’s barber shops across the capitol. With a whole range made in the England, they seek to “release the dapper potential” of the modern man through a selection of bespoke colognes, shaving and hair care products.

Murdock’s Hair Play moulding creme offers a great degree of versatility and hold, allowing you to experiment with styles while ensuring a reliable hold throughout the day.

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 Murdock of London Hair Play Pomade

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 Murdock of London Hair Play Pomade
 Murdock of London Hair Play Pomade

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