Tocca ‘Stella’ SPF30 Towellete

Stocca Stella SPF30 Towellete Tocca ‘Stella’ SPF30 Towellete

In what might be the greatest idea we’ve seen in a long time, Tocca has taken their ‘Stella’ fragrance and infused it into a brilliant moisturizing towelette with SPF 30 sun protection. Even though we all know the sun is our skin’s greatest enemy, carrying around a bottle of sunscreen isn’t ideal, so the concept of a towelette with SPF seems pretty genius to us.

Even though winter is on it’s way, that doesn’t mean the sun is taking a break from beating on your face. Grab yours here.

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 Tocca ‘Stella’ SPF30 Towellete

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 Tocca ‘Stella’ SPF30 Towellete
 Tocca ‘Stella’ SPF30 Towellete

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