retaW ‘Barney’ Fragrance Tablets

retaw barney fragrance tablet 1 retaW Barney Fragrance Tablets

Founded in 2009 by designer Hiroshi Fujiwara and Murakami with the concept of ‘coloring’ the air we experience everyday, Tokyo-based retaW has released yet another unique fragrance option with the release of these ‘Barney’ tablets. The tablets, which are packaged in sets of eight, offer a pleasant scent that can be placed anywhere, emitting a subtle light scent.

The Barney Fragrance Tablet is now available for $14 USD via the Hypebeast online store.

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 retaW Barney Fragrance Tablets

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 retaW Barney Fragrance Tablets
 retaW Barney Fragrance Tablets

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