Joya x Blind Barber ‘Tompkins’ Candle

Blind Barber Joya Candle Joya x Blind Barber Tompkins Candle

Men’s grooming is an experience that is highly focused on scents, with nearly every product touting the experience to be had with their special blend of olfactory elements. So when Blind Barber teamed up with boutique New York candle maker Joya for a collaborative candle, they wanted to capture everything special about the barbershop experience.

“When we were designing the scent of the candle we envisioned walking into our barber shop and being hit with the clean smell of fresh towels,” – Jeff Laub, The Blind Barber

The result is a beautiful candle that combines notes of Honey, Smoke, Leather, and Lavender to produce an experience unlike any other. Available in 6oz & 23oz sizes, you can grab yours at the Blind Barber, VANE concept store at 125 Rivington St. NYC.

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 Joya x Blind Barber Tompkins Candle

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 Joya x Blind Barber Tompkins Candle
 Joya x Blind Barber Tompkins Candle

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