Ursa Major ‘Stellar Shave Cream’ Review

Picture 5 Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream Review
We tend to get our share of products here at the FinerCut offices, and more often than naught, most are a forgettable part of the job. This was not the case with Ursa Major’s ‘Stellar Shave Cream’. From the moment we received it, we felt a sense that this was a shave cream that would live up to its claims. The packaging is the kind you’d be happy to have on your washstand, adorned with minimal graphics that reference the companies commitment to the highest quality of product ‘Made in the USA’.

The product itself is one of the best shaving creams we’ve experienced in quite some time. The aroma smells richly of the natural ingredients that go into it, with notes of pine and ginger coming through in a way that adds to the experience without being overpowering. The cream is substantial without being too heavy, spreading lightly & smoothly on your skin and coating your whiskers fully. It takes only a nickel sized amount to cover the face, and has the benefit of being a genuine, true-to-its-name cream, not some whipped-up concoction that serves only to look good & clogs your razor up with its excess.

The cream softened my beard & felt nourishing to my skin, allowing the blade to glide across it with ease. It rinsed away cleanly, and left my face feeling soft, smooth, and – except for the absence of my beard – without any signs of irritation or having shaved at all.

Overall, this is truly a well thought-out product, and one that I look forward to using from here on out. At $21 for a bottle (shipping is free) that provides 60+ shaves, this product is a great deal when considering the high quality ingredients and the pedigree of its manufacture. You can get yours here at Ursa Major Online.

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 Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream Review

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 Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream Review
 Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream Review

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