The Smell of Everything: Sissel Tolaas

Sissel Tolaas is not your average perfumer. Not content to mix fragrances for fashion houses and perfumeries, she creates “scent logos” for companies and corporations looking to extend take their branding to the next level of sensory perception. You know the way that every IKEA store smells the same? That’s Tolaas’ work. The new car smell inside a new Volvo? That’s her too. She has also helped a major credit card company make their cards smell like money, and captured the smell of the Cold War.

Her work isn’t perfume, it’s pure art. One of her recent projects is recreating the smells of every day life. She explains that in order to understand perfume and the smells we anoint ourselves with we must first understand the smells that exist before we deodorize, perfume, and change them. To do this Tolaas painstakingly investigates the molecular compositions of every day aromas and recreates them with the same raw materials used to make perfume. Sissel Tolaas is truly a pioneer of her craft and her work reaches thousands of people a day whether they know it or not. Check out this video interview from Extrait below.

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 The Smell of Everything: Sissel Tolaas

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 The Smell of Everything: Sissel Tolaas

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