FEATURE: The Moustache Club

moustache club by rokas darulis 01 640x640 FEATURE: The Moustache Club

Yesterday we quipped about people growing facial hair and joining the Moustache Club. Not knowing there was such a thing, we were quite delighted to learn that there are lots of organizations devoted specifically to the celebration of all things moustachioed. Beard and moustache clubs exist on practically every continent – with an especially great concentration in the southern United States – and strive for the advancement and support of moustache-related causes (“Bring back the push-broom”!).

The UK-based Handlebar Moustache Club was even featured in the latest ad campaign for Singleton Whiskey. They also served as subjects for photographer Rokas Darulis‘ series, Handlebar Moustache Club which captured the sculptural elegance of member’s moustaches. We wonder what exactly goes on at these clubs. Sharing tips for avoiding food accumulation? Swapping stories about the perils of foamed milk? Sounds pretty cool, we’re just a bit jealous.

Check out Rokas Duralis’ photos of the Handlebar Moustache Club below.

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 FEATURE: The Moustache Club

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 FEATURE: The Moustache Club

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