FEATURE: Barbershop Basics

Barbershop Basics FEATURE: Barbershop Basics
Getting a haircut can be a daunting task at times, especially if you’re forced into unfamiliar follicle territory with the prospect of a new barber. To help you out, we’ve assembled a simple list to help you get the best trim for your money.

1. A good Barbershop should always be fairly booked-up. Any shop that’s empty most of the time might provide the convenience of a right-here, right-now cut….but it’s probably one you’re going to need to hide under a cap for a few weeks.

2. Cost is a tricky thing when it comes to barbers. A decent men’s haircut (for relatively short, classic styles) should cost you between $20-40, depending on the city, and even neighborhood you’re in. A good bet is to do a quick internet search to see what people say about the quality and amenities before booking an appointment. Also, it’s important to remember that cost doesn’t always show in the cut itself: it’s more likely to be found in that leather couch you sat on while waiting, and the cucumber water that was ‘complimentary’.

3. If you ever feel rushed by a barber, don’t be afraid to just make an excuse and get out of there (a fake phone-call works wonders). Yes, it’s not the ideal reaction, but a rushed cut or a surly barber is something no man should have to pay for. Your barber should be attentive, interested, and engaged: asking you what you want, and taking the time to confirm the details or suggest new options. It’s kind of like dancing…but one partner has sharp implements at their disposal.

4. If you’re not crazy about your cut when you walk out the door, remember that barber’s will cut your hair to maximize your value, so it will be about a week before it has a chance to grow-out and take it’s shape. Unless he has clearly done a complete hack-job, tip him fairly, and wait to see the true results of his skill emerge in time. If the haircut never ends up meeting your standards, you don’t have to return.

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 FEATURE: Barbershop Basics

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 FEATURE: Barbershop Basics
 FEATURE: Barbershop Basics

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2 thoughts on “FEATURE: Barbershop Basics

  1. A good article for sure…I’ve known all too well the stress of having to find a new barber.

    Something that I’ve found helps (although not every guy might be up for it) is asking a guy whose haircut you like where he goes. It might seem strange, but most guys are flattered at the implication, and will probably volunteer more information than you could ever get otherwise.

  2. Greetings….I would like to purchase a copy of this photo.
    Kindly let me know how.

    Many Thanks
    Debra Schad

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