Aesop ‘Bird’ Grooming & Care Kits

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Australian apothecary label Aesop is known for its line of premium skin, hair and body products that so many swear by. For fall, the label continues its exploration of natural inspirations with a line of “Bird” grooming and care kits, comprised of six collections each named after a different characteristic of avian life: Flight, Hover, Perch, Preen, Quill and Soar. Every kit features its own specially designed packaging and an assortment of skincare products tailored to a specific set of needs. The Aesop “Bird” grooming and care kits are available now at Aesop retail locations and online.

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 Aesop Bird Grooming & Care Kits

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 Aesop Bird Grooming & Care Kits
 Aesop Bird Grooming & Care Kits

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