LAB Series: 10 Essential Grooming Tips for Guys

If you’re reading this then the chances are that you are interested in grooming, but interest doesn’t necessarily breed knowledge. Thankfully we can call on the expertise of Lab Series, who have collaborated with Craig the Barber, one of Hollywood’s go-to groomers, and an expert in both classic barbering and modern looks. To accompany his […]

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Wahl ‘Super Taper’ Trimmer/Clipper

Designed with professionals in mind, the Wahl ‘Super Taper’ hair clipper is the ultimate tool for the many that takes his follicle grooming in his own hands, and with the utmost seriousness. On top of its classic design, the Super Taper comes with four attachments, as well as clipper oil and a cleaning brush to […]

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FEATURE: The Moustache Club

Yesterday we quipped about people growing facial hair and joining the Moustache Club. Not knowing there was such a thing, we were quite delighted to learn that there are lots of organizations devoted specifically to the celebration of all things moustachioed. Beard and moustache clubs exist on practically every continent – with an especially great […]

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Tweezerman Delux Trimmer with Brush

A novel take on trimming nose hairs, this Tweezerman Delux Trimmer operates without the use of batteries, instead opting to have the user ‘squeeze’ the handle in order to rotate the clipper. This design makes it not only lightweight, but also much more compact, and quiet than traditional electric trimmers. Available for purchase from Liberty […]

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Thiers Issard ‘Blades of Glory’ Gift Set

Win praise for keeping your shaving essentials sharp and maintained with Blades of Glory Gift Set.  Providing you with exquisite tools from the French cutlery master Theirs Issard, you’re guaranteed to receive a 5/8″ singing straight razor with black scales, extra-wide double-sided paddle strop, razor sharpening paste, Belgian yellow coticule 6×2′, standard grade, and a […]

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Headblade Headslick Shave Oil

For the smoothest head shave on the market, Headblade’s ‘Headslick’ offers you the cream of the crop.  Making shaving duties effortless, its formulated lubricants allow blades to glide effortlessly along the sensitive, and often uneven, surface of your scalp: rinsing away clean, and non-oily.  Available here at Mankind.

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The Finer Cut Guide: Manscaping 101

It’s a confusing, often hairy, landscape out there for men when it comes to how (or even whether or not) he should go about taming the follicle features that blanket him. At present in culture we’re bombarded with conflicting images of men both hairy, and hairless, yet equally masculine. What’s a guy to do? Well, […]

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