BBRAXTON ‘Exceptional Grooming’

Located in New York, BBRAXTON is effectively a monument to all things grooming. A full-service outfit that provides everything from a classic straight razor shave, to a soothing deep tissue muscle treatment, BBRAXTON is a place where a guy goes to feel manly without sacrificing a sense of luxury. From a selection of newspapers from […]

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Mr. Natty’s Incredibly Natty Hair Preperations

All hail Mr. Natty’s line of ‘Incredibly Natty Hair Preperations’. Finally a hair product that you can leave out on the counter in all its masculine glory: no neon plastic packaging or bizarre glow-in-the-dark goo, just a simple tin with throwback branding. Whether it’s their Pomade, Fiber Wax, Paste, or Clay, Mr. Natty products are […]

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Baxter of California Water Pomade

For every guy that’s ever spent 10 minutes trying to scrub a sticky, oily mess of product out of their hair, Baxter of California has felt your pain and answered with their new ‘Water Pomade’. With its water-based formula, Baxter ensures that not only is this formula light and unnoticeable except for the hold it […]

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John Masters Organics ‘Lavender & Avocado’ Conditioner

A specially formulated conditioner derived for weekly use, John Masters Organic’s ‘Lavender & Avocado’ treatment will help restore even the most damaged hair. Using the richest avocado oils, shea butter, and soy protein, this treatment strengthens hair from the scalp for a thicker, more resilient look.

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Murdock London ‘Gentleman’s Travel Kit’

With Christmas fast approaching, this beautifully assembled ‘Gentleman’s Travel Kit’ from Murdock of London makes an ideal gift for friends, family, or even yourself, should you feel you deserve it. The kit contains Jack Black ‘All Over’ wash and ‘Double Duty’ moisturizer, as well as a travel tube of Marvis toothpaste and a barber’s towel, […]

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American Crew Boost Powder

Not since the invention of hair mousse have we seen a hair product that was totally different from what came before. The same way that mousse broke away from gels, waxes, and pomades, this styling powder is different as well. American Crew Boost Powder is a dry powder that you sprinkle on to hair to […]

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