The Finer Cut Guide: Manscaping 101

It’s a confusing, often hairy, landscape out there for men when it comes to how (or even whether or not) he should go about taming the follicle features that blanket him. At present in culture we’re bombarded with conflicting images of men both hairy, and hairless, yet equally masculine. What’s a guy to do? Well, […]

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Ojon Resorative Hair Treatment

Complete with a comb to apply the product, Ojon’s ‘Restorative Hair Treatment’ is formulated to leave dry, damaged hair looking and feeling better after just one application. Its non-greasy formula means that it won’t weight your hair down with that gunky ‘producty’ feeling you get from other treatments. Available for purchase here.

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D.R. Harris Lemon Cream Conditioner

This thick, nourishing conditioner from D.R. Harris is what a man should graduate to when he’s ready to step up from the Head & Shoulder’s brands of his college days. Lightly scented with lemon extracts, this conditioner has the high-test moisturizing power of aloe vera, leaving your hair silky, smooth, and attention-getting. Available for purchase […]

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Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade

Here we have ‘Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade’ to help give you the retro hair-style that’s becoming increasingly of-the-moment. This medium water based pomade will help any man craft any old-school dew from Cary Grant to Elvis Presley.  Not only will you have a complete throwback image, but it’ll have hair with the pliability of Play-Doh, which […]

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