Digitalsoaps Soda Shampoos

You’ve read the title correctly because despite the deceiving looks of these pop bottles, they’re actually shampoos. Etsy user Digitalsoaps has given a twist to hair products with soda-inspired smells which is a nice change from extravagantly named scents most consumers scratch their heads over. Clean your scalp with the aroma of pop without its […]

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Stinky Bomb Army Green Hand Grenade Soap

For a more explosive showering experience, blast your B.O. away with Stinky Bomb’s Army Green Hand Grenade Soap. The bar is molded from an actual WWII steel body grenade, so you’re upping the man-factor when you’re combating odor in the shower. This handmade soap is created from a goats milk base and comes scented with […]

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Anthony Logistic Sea Salt Body Scrub

Unlike the run-of-the-mill body gels and scrubs found at your local drugstore, Anthony Logistics ‘Sea Salt Body Scrub’ will not only clean your skin, but do so gently, and with nourishing extracts. The scrub includes not only the sea salt indicated in its name, but also kelp, vitamin C, and aloe; which means that not […]

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Tom Ford ‘Neroli Portofino’ Bath Soap

Only a designer like Tom Ford could make something as simple as bath soap look like it belongs in a museum. This hard-milled soap from his Neroli Portofino collection is formulated with nourishing Olive Fruit oil, Grape Seed oil, and Date Seed extract to keep your skin soft and lightly scented. At £25 for a […]

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Kiehl’s Cross-Terrain All-in-One Refueling Wash

Part of their new ‘Cross-Terrain’ line aimed exclusively at men, Kiehl’s ‘All-in-One Refueling Wash’ provides a complete level of clean for even the grimiest guys. Designed with coconut-derived cleansers and aloe very, this was is great for use not only on your body, but also your hair and face, which makes it ideal for taking […]

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Axe ‘Detailer’ Shower Tool

For most guys, a regular loofah isn’t going to cut it in the looks, or performance department, so Axe has created this ‘Detailer’ shower tool that provides multiple cleaning surfaces in a cool looking package. With a rubberized grip around its circumference, this tool has a regular style loofah on one side, and a ‘rougher’ […]

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