retaW Body Shampoo Set

Proving that Hiroshi Fujiwara is a man of many talents, retaW (Water, backwards) is his forward thinking fragrance brand, creating unique products designed to enhance modern life. Based in the upmarket Aoyama district of Tokyo, retaW have developed a series of expertly created fragrances, many named after the record or musician that tailored the hand […]

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Aesop x Marimekko “Sauna Duet”

For generations the first thing to be constructed in a home in Finland is the sauna, so what better way for iconic Finnish textile company Marimekko to celebrate this national tradition that to team up with Australia’s Aesop on a “Sauna Duet”? The ‘duet’ consists of a “Sauna Body Scrub” and “Sauna Body Balm”, one […]

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LAB Series: 10 Essential Grooming Tips for Guys

If you’re reading this then the chances are that you are interested in grooming, but interest doesn’t necessarily breed knowledge. Thankfully we can call on the expertise of Lab Series, who have collaborated with Craig the Barber, one of Hollywood’s go-to groomers, and an expert in both classic barbering and modern looks. To accompany his […]

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Men-U Ultra Concentrated Daily Refresh Shampoo

Men-U’s ‘Ultra Concentrated Daily Refresh Shampoo’ works by actively adding moisture to you hair as you use it, unlike most shampoo’s, which strip moisture from your follicles. By removing grease and oil, as well as dirt and contaminants from your hair while maintaining it’s moisture, this shampoo gives your hair a level of health and […]

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Tender ‘Pure Vetiver & Wood Oil Soap’

We know, it’s easy to just pop by your local pharmacy and grab a bar of Irish Spring, but doing so would be an affront to the ridiculously high-quality work the people at Tender are doing. We didn’t know soap could get so refined, but this bar – handcrafted in Norfolk, England – seamlessly blends […]

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Benny Gold All Natural Bar Soap

San Francisco based designer Benny Gold has taken his first leap into the world of body care with the release of his all natural bar soap. Shaped in the form of Gold’s trademark paper plane icon, send your senses soaring by using any one of the three distinct soaps, available in Bulgarian Lavender, Peppermint or […]

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Stussy x Baxter California ‘Wheel Soap’

Iconic clothing brand Stussy has teamed up with apothecary outfit Baxter of California on this limited edition ‘Wheel Soap’ . Made in the USA, the soap is formed to resemble a skateboard wheel & features Baxter’s ‘Rain Shower’ fragrance.

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Zirh ‘Charlemange’ Warrior Shower Gel

Zirh’s new ‘Warrior’ line of shower gel will lead any many to scoff at the realization that, who better is there to share your shower with than Charlemagne, the storied emperor of the Romans? Although we can’t say the man was known for his bathing back in the early days of civilization, the good folks […]

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