BBRAXTON ‘Exceptional Grooming’

Located in New York, BBRAXTON is effectively a monument to all things grooming. A full-service outfit that provides everything from a classic straight razor shave, to a soothing deep tissue muscle treatment, BBRAXTON is a place where a guy goes to feel manly without sacrificing a sense of luxury. From a selection of newspapers from […]

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Tom Ford ‘Neroli Portofino’ Bath Soap

Only a designer like Tom Ford could make something as simple as bath soap look like it belongs in a museum. This hard-milled soap from his Neroli Portofino collection is formulated with nourishing Olive Fruit oil, Grape Seed oil, and Date Seed extract to keep your skin soft and lightly scented. At £25 for a […]

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Marvis ‘Aquatic Mint’ Toothpaste

Marvis ‘Aquatic Mint’ toothpaste blends the freshness of the sea with a cool sweetness to give a long-lasting, pleasurable taste sensation. The formula, containing Fluoride, helps prevent tooth decay, fight tartar and plaque, and keep breath fresh all day long. Packaged in a great vintage-style tin tube, this toothpaste is sure to please dentists and […]

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Kiehl’s Cross-Terrain All-in-One Refueling Wash

Part of their new ‘Cross-Terrain’ line aimed exclusively at men, Kiehl’s ‘All-in-One Refueling Wash’ provides a complete level of clean for even the grimiest guys. Designed with coconut-derived cleansers and aloe very, this was is great for use not only on your body, but also your hair and face, which makes it ideal for taking […]

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Axe ‘Detailer’ Shower Tool

For most guys, a regular loofah isn’t going to cut it in the looks, or performance department, so Axe has created this ‘Detailer’ shower tool that provides multiple cleaning surfaces in a cool looking package. With a rubberized grip around its circumference, this tool has a regular style loofah on one side, and a ‘rougher’ […]

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Baxter ‘Vitamin Cleansing Bar’

Baxter’s ‘Vitamin Cleansing Bar’ features the intriguing scent of pear and bergamot folded into a formula derived from coconut, aloe vera, and jojoba oil. Vitamin-rich and pH balanced for quick absorption into your skin,this soap is head and shoulders above your traditional pharmacy bar.

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John Masters Organics ‘Lavender & Avocado’ Conditioner

A specially formulated conditioner derived for weekly use, John Masters Organic’s ‘Lavender & Avocado’ treatment will help restore even the most damaged hair. Using the richest avocado oils, shea butter, and soy protein, this treatment strengthens hair from the scalp for a thicker, more resilient look.

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