retaW x Head Porter ‘Grooming Pouch’

Aligning for this latest creation in the field of travel and grooming accessories, retaW and Head Porter present this gloss-coated black grooming pouch for Spring 2013. Constructed from nylon and featuring exterior pockets combined with two zipped main compartments, the pouch offers impressive dimensions that will you to carry all your essential bathroom products. A […]

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Cuoto Toothpaste

Here are FinerCut we love our vintage products, adn Cuoto toothpaste from Portugal fits the bill perfectly. Formulated in 1931 by Alberto Ferreira de Cuoto, it was specifically designed to reduce gingival infection and gum disease among the Portuguese population. A standard in that country, the toothpaste is gaining popularity worldwide as a charming, vintage […]

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Otis Batterbee Dopp Bags

Chances are when you hear the name Otis you’re thinking of this guy. However, there’s a new Otis on the block shaking things up in the grooming kit world. This fine collection of dopp bags aren’t your typical leather cases, and certainly inject some much needed flair to the drab bathroom kits that are commonplace. […]

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Truman Handmade Chromexel Leather Dopp Kit

Truman Handcrafted has created this beautiful Chromexel leather dopp bag as part of their new collection. Hand cut from 4 oz Chromexcel Horween, wraparound closure, side strap, finished edges and heavy stitching, this is a bag that will see you through many a journey. We chose to make our Dopp Kit entirely out of Chromexcel […]

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retaW ‘Barney’ Fragrance Tablets

Founded in 2009 by designer Hiroshi Fujiwara and Murakami with the concept of ‘coloring’ the air we experience everyday, Tokyo-based retaW has released yet another unique fragrance option with the release of these ‘Barney’ tablets. The tablets, which are packaged in sets of eight, offer a pleasant scent that can be placed anywhere, emitting a […]

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Topo Designs x Ursa Major Dopp Kit

When two great outfits come together to collaborate, the result is often something above and beyond, which is exactly what we have with this Topo Designs x Ursa Major dopp kit. The fully lined, handmade-in-Colorado teal and camouflage Cordura bag has the style and durability to see you through all your travels, but the real […]

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Aesop ‘Bird’ Grooming & Care Kits

Australian apothecary label Aesop is known for its line of premium skin, hair and body products that so many swear by. For fall, the label continues its exploration of natural inspirations with a line of “Bird” grooming and care kits, comprised of six collections each named after a different characteristic of avian life: Flight, Hover, […]

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Aesop 2 ‘Reverence Duet’ Collection

Aesop releases its latest products in the form of a two-part hand skincare collection. As your first line of protection, skin is never to be neglected. The formula in the Reverence Duet collection features a dark woody aroma and starts with the hand wash, which contains fine frade milled Pumice and Bergamot rind; these two […]

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NEXUSVII x retaW Fragrance Room Tag

Japanese fashion outfit NEXUSVII and innovative Tokyo fragrance purveyor retaW have come together to collaborate on the following “Fragrance Room Tag”. Crafted to be hung over doorknobs in a variety of different rooms that need an infusion of a pleasing aroma, the latest boasts a spicy and wooded scent. The collaborative tag can be purchased […]

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