Merkfu FUTUR Brushed Finish Four-Piece Set


The Brushed Finish Merkur Futur 4-Piece Set, made with the famous quality the brand is known for, is an ocean of improvement over your standard plastic tools. The 4-Piece set possesses a custom stand with matching bowl, a silvertip bristle badger brush, and a FUTUR Double Edge Blade Razor. The superior science put into the […]

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eShave S Stand Shaving Set Clear

Upgrade your shaving ritual in 2011 with S Stand shaving kit from eShave. Experience the benefits of having an organized, high order, and Barber shop shave in the comfort of your own home. It features a visually pleasing hand-sculpted nickel S Stand; Fine Badger Shaving Brush made to give you a closer comfortable shave; and […]

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The Goodfella Double-Edged Razor

Rescue yourself from mediocre razors with the New Zealand made Goodfella Double-Edged Razor.  Engineered to give you balanced feel and an optimum cutting-angle for the closest shave, it features a stainless steel shaft and satin black chrome head.   Affordable and proven to be long-lasting, why not bring in the new year the morning after with […]

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