Kiehl’s Cross Terrain Dry Stick

Kiehls Dry Stick 300x300 Kiehls Cross Terrain Dry Stick

You might be pretty satisfied with that tube of Old Spice you’ve been using since the twelfth grade, but like your high school girlfriend once said, “It`s time to move on.” The good news is there are plenty of fish in the sea and this one from Kiehl’s will keep you sweat-free all day long. Kiehl’s 24 Hour Cross Terrain Strong Stick has the highest possible concentration of antiperspirant ingredients and glides on easily for maximum odor and sweat protection without a sticky residue. You’ve moved up in the world, your deodorant ought to as well.

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 Kiehls Cross Terrain Dry Stick

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 Kiehls Cross Terrain Dry Stick

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